Central to Transcendence is the idea of Paths. Paths represent the way the mage becomes a more powerful mage.

Categories of Paths

There are three groups of Paths:

Paths of Enlightenment – these paths seek to shape the mage’s spiritual growth. The ultimate goal of a path of enlightenment is Transcendence, the ability to Transcend the mortal coils and become something altogether different.

Paths of Power – these paths forsake the goal of Transcendence. Instead these paths work towards the accumulation of influence and power, using it to fuel their magic power.

Paths of Madness – these are the paths that a mage who goes insane and/or falls unto darker urges follows. They embrace annihilation and/or chaos.

Paths of Enlightenment

Path of Legends / the Hero (Fate / Time)
Path of Wisdom / the Yogi (Mind / Space)
Path of Knowledge / Jnana Yoga (Matter / Death)
Path of Devotion / the Saint (Prime / Forces)
Path of Birthright / the Avatar (Life / Spirit)

Paths of Power

Path of Fame
Path of Influence
Path of Greed
Path of Pride
Path of Evolution

Paths of Madness

Path of Chaos
Path of Annihilation


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