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Transcendence attempts to create a new Mage game that takes much of its material from Ascension and Awakening. Thematically, its closer to Ascension, with characters coming from all kinds of magical traditions, seeking spiritual growth to transcend or forsaking that all for power. Mechanically, it takes much of its rules from Awakening.

Chapter 1: Paths

Central to Transcendence is the idea of Paths. Paths represent the way the mage becomes a more powerful mage. This forms such a core idea of the game that it should be the first read.


There are three groups of Paths:

Paths of Enlightenment – these paths seek to shape the mage’s spiritual growth. The ultimate goal of a path of enlightenment is Transcendence, the ability to Transcend the mortal coils and become something altogether different.

Paths of Power – these paths forsake the goal of Transcendence. Instead these paths work towards the accumulation of influence and power, using it to fuel their magic power.

Paths of Madness – these are the paths that a mage who goes insane and/or falls unto darker urges follows. They embrace annihilation and/or chaos.

Paths of Enlightenment

Path of Legends / the Hero
Path of Wisdom / the Yogi
Path of Knowledge / Jnana Yoga
Path of Devotion / the Saint
Path of the Avatar

Paths of Power

Path of Fame
Path of Influence
Path of Greed
Path of Pride
Path of Evolution

Paths of Madness

Path of Chaos
Path of Annihilation

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Main Page

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